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The iodicearchitetti studio has been working on national and international projects and competitions for a long time.

The design scopes are from an urban architecture scale down to the detail of interior design.

Our aim is to combine an experimental dimension to a professional completeness in order to positively answer to complex design programs demands at any scale, taking advantage of and established network of experts and professionals (structures, installations, cost control, environmental impact).

The modification in the idea of space touches several aspects, of which design (the projects itself) is just one; it oscillates between numerous solicitations that are only apparently contrasting.

In opposition to the latest tendencies, iodicearchitetti group pays a great attention to the relation between shapes and programs, container and content; a good architecture cannot be separated by a conscious fusion of these two aspects.

The dimension of the reality and technological innovations are constantly paired with a strong conceptual process, as every project needs basically a good “idea”.

We think that architecture, such as literature, music and painting, is a basic component of culture, of any culture and at any time.



Palazzo Fiorentino

Via Guglielmo Sanfelice, 52

81031 Aversa, CE, Italy

Tel: +39 081 813 0100

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